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    Our services at Gró are 100% customizable towards your needs, because we know that every business operates differently, has different goals, and needs different skill sets to help it succeed. All of our teams work together to provide a full bandwidth of expertise across all functions that you can utilize for your business growth. Whether you only need help in one area, or you need different levels of support in multiple areas, Gró is here to make your business succeed!

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    HR & Recruitment

    Human Resources and Recruitment services that help your people reach their full potential.

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    What Our Clients are Saying

    Gro HR has been a long time and trusted partner of ours to provide HR and Recruitment needs to our company. We always have quick and proactive responses to all of our needs, our team really enjoys working with them. Gro has been able to grow with us at the pace we needed them to, and has ensured that we stay ahead of our competitors in key items like compensation and team culture/morale.

    Derek Crockett

    BLX Transportation

    Myself and our non-profit have been working with The Gro HR Team on several HR needs for over a year now. Finding and hiring her has been the best decision for our HR needs and for our employees that we have made in a long time. She is professional, thorough, but also quick. She doesn’t waste time on projects and communicates with myself and our staff very well. She has created several policies and procedures for our company, took on the project of implementing a new payroll system, and continually assists our management team with hiring the absolute best candidates for our transportation and logistics team. She is a pleasure to work with, highly recommend her!

    David Jaffe

    Jaffe Management

    The Team at Gro HR were exactly the solutions that we needed in a time of crisis! We lost two key employees during the pandemic and had a gap in our payroll and HR functions. Gro HR was online and supporting our needs within a week of partnering together. I remain amazed at their ability to assess, assimilate, and act on information that is given to them. They truly “Own” the entire department and all related needs. Their partnership is refreshing and has gone beyond our expectations.

    Daren Henderson

    Medical Couriers

    We have worked with Gro for over two years. During our relationship with Gro, I have experienced individuals who are passionate about our employees and our leadership team. They work hard are professional and always have our company's success in mind. It is a pleasure to recommend Gro Consulting!

    Tracey Fecher

    Sonrisas Dental Health

    HR Companies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Important Skills HR Companies Must Possess

    When going through HR companies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, it is essential to take the time to truly investigate these professionals. If you don’t suss out the benefits they offer, you could find yourself struggling with a company that you don’t trust or which doesn’t meet your needs. Thankfully, there are many traits and skills that you can look for to ensure that you get the best HR help from your outsourced experts.

    Strong Emotional Intelligence

    When working with HR companies that you can trust, you need to make sure that they possess a great understanding of their customers’ emotional needs. This process is more complicated than you might think and requires that you understand not only the extent of the way your company works but the employees that they hire to work for them – these individuals will be the ones you’re likely to see.

    As a result, it is essential to talk to your HR experts about their employees’ types of expectations are put under when they work for you. Do they understand the emotional challenges that balancing many people’s needs require? Are they experts in handling emotional surprises and ensuring that they don’t trigger any company operation complications? Are they, in other words, mature?

    Now, emotional maturity should by no means indicate boredom or “old age.” Instead, this term should be taken to indicate that an HR firm’s employees understand how to handle the different emotional needs of your workers, your customers, you, and themselves. By finding experts who can handle these elements, you can all but ensure satisfaction with how they help you out in this scenario.

    Understanding of Business Operation

    When you’re hiring experts to handle your HR needs, they need to understand the type of business that you operate. Often, this means that it is necessary to talk to them about the different steps to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently. It is usually relatively easy to get this type of help when you work with companies who can handle your HR properly in many cases.

    For example, good HR companies either have the skills and the training needed to understand your business operation or research them and learn more about them quickly. The main goal here is to find somebody who you can trust to handle your needs in a way that makes sense for you. Often, it requires doing a lot of research because many HR businesses specialize in specific fields.

    And if it takes them a few days to properly learn your unique operation, so be it – if they are trained in your field and understand what must be done, they are more than worth the investment. Just make sure to talk to them about the types of steps that they need to take. Doing so can ensure that you don’t run into any staffing mistakes that could be costly if you aren’t too careful.

    Conflict Management Skills

    Now, what is worse than having conflicts with your employees? When those conflicts affect your bottom line. This problem is more common than many people realize and can be very upsetting and hard to manage. That’s because feuds between co-workers can last a long time and put a lot of strain on the proper operation when it is running at full steam.

    For example, there may be a good chance that a few of your employees don’t get along together – or maybe they don’t get along with anybody in your business. Whatever the case, these people can be very distracting and cause a lot of harm to your operation. As a result, it is critical to take care of them with the help of high-quality HR specialists who can streamline this problem for you and make it non-existent.

    For instance, HR companies can identify who’s causing problems and talk to them about their behavior. Perhaps there is just a simple misunderstanding that can be tweaked and changed to make it disappear. Or maybe there is a deeper issue with a worker that is going to require hard decisions – such as firing them. Let HR experts handle this difficulty for you.

    Negotiating Capabilities

    Lastly, it would help if you made sure that any Cedar Rapids HR companies you choose to hire know how to deal. We cannot stress this point enough – there are going to be many times when you need these experts to take care of demanding situations for you. And why put yourself under that kind of strain? Have a professional who can easily handle these difficulties do them for you.

    For example, you may find yourself working with HR experts to handle union claims and demands. By involving a second group, you create a buffer between you and the union. This can make negotiations much easier to handle. Your HR crew will be objective and capable of standing back and handling these demands in a way that makes sense for you and your union and employees, too.

    This help will also matter when you’re trying to hire new employees and have specific demands that you feel uncertain about achieving. By getting HR experts here who can help with this task, you make sure that things go more smoothly and provide your workers with a better understanding of your operation at the same time.

    Don’t Let Your HR Get Out of Hand

    As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring HR companies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But you must put in the effort into finding somebody who’ll do right by you. Why not contact us at Gró HR Consulting to get the help that you need? Our experts have years of experience with this process and can provide the detailed care that you require. Let us handle your human resources situation in a firm and thoughtful manner.