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    Our services at Gró are 100% customizable towards your needs, because we know that every business operates differently, has different goals, and needs different skill sets to help it succeed. All of our teams work together to provide a full bandwidth of expertise across all functions that you can utilize for your business growth. Whether you only need help in one area, or you need different levels of support in multiple areas, Gró is here to make your business succeed!

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    HR & Recruitment

    Human Resources and Recruitment services that help your people reach their full potential.

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    What Our Clients are Saying

    Gro HR has been a long time and trusted partner of ours to provide HR and Recruitment needs to our company. We always have quick and proactive responses to all of our needs, our team really enjoys working with them. Gro has been able to grow with us at the pace we needed them to, and has ensured that we stay ahead of our competitors in key items like compensation and team culture/morale.

    Derek Crockett

    BLX Transportation

    Myself and our non-profit have been working with The Gro HR Team on several HR needs for over a year now. Finding and hiring her has been the best decision for our HR needs and for our employees that we have made in a long time. She is professional, thorough, but also quick. She doesn’t waste time on projects and communicates with myself and our staff very well. She has created several policies and procedures for our company, took on the project of implementing a new payroll system, and continually assists our management team with hiring the absolute best candidates for our transportation and logistics team. She is a pleasure to work with, highly recommend her!

    David Jaffe

    Jaffe Management

    The Team at Gro HR were exactly the solutions that we needed in a time of crisis! We lost two key employees during the pandemic and had a gap in our payroll and HR functions. Gro HR was online and supporting our needs within a week of partnering together. I remain amazed at their ability to assess, assimilate, and act on information that is given to them. They truly “Own” the entire department and all related needs. Their partnership is refreshing and has gone beyond our expectations.

    Daren Henderson

    Medical Couriers

    We have worked with Gro for over two years. During our relationship with Gro, I have experienced individuals who are passionate about our employees and our leadership team. They work hard are professional and always have our company's success in mind. It is a pleasure to recommend Gro Consulting!

    Tracey Fecher

    Sonrisas Dental Health

    HR Solutions Cedar Rapids

    Common HR Problems (and Important HR Solutions)

    Human resources situations are never easy to manage and require a lot of work and effort to operate properly. And finding the best HR solutions near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, requires you to do even more work. As a result, it is critical to understand some of the most common HR problems that you are likely to experience – and the solutions that you may want to implement. Understanding these factors can ensure that you are ready to do what is necessary to handle them properly. It also helps to keep your workplace happier by avoiding common HR disasters that may otherwise impact your business in this situation.

    Going Over Budget – Not an Uncommon Issue

    Your human resources team has a specific budget that it needs to follow to ensure that they don’t cost you too much money. However, it is straightforward for this department to go over budget and cost you more money than you might want. This situation isn’t uncommon for a few reasons – first of all, the best HR solutions in Cedar Rapids often require a lot of work with specialized experts who understand many scenarios and how to handle them properly.

    For example, you may end up having to spend over $7,600 per new hire to train that individual properly. And if your HR department doesn’t do what they can to keep them satisfied, you’re going to pay over half of their salary – AND that $7,600 or more – to replace them with somebody else. This situation can quickly cause your budget to get out of control and may cause you serious issues.

    The best way to avoid this problem is to stabilize your hiring process and to streamline your HR team to find the best fit for a position. And the best fit isn’t always somebody with the most experience – sometimes, it is better to bet on somebody who seems like they would fit your culture but who may not have as much experience. Doing so may make it easier for them to sync up with your company culture in unexpected ways.

    Concerns About Workplace Training – A Worrying Proposition

    Another common problem that requires HR solutions is inadequate training. This problem can occur in many companies and is caused by them not taking employee training seriously. They may think that the employees can either train themselves while on the job or offer training that is not good enough to handle the situations they may experience.

    Inadequate training may also result from a training expert on your staff who has gotten old and who no longer wants to do their duties. Whatever the case, inadequate training is an HR nightmare because it makes your employees and customers unhappy and potentially puts your company at risk. Therefore, it is essential to find solutions that make this situation harder to experience, such as upgrading your training with outsourced help.

    Lastly, make sure that your training is up to code with any changes that the state or federal governments have demanded. Remember – the level of practice you need for the workplace may change every year. And by tweaking up your approach, you can ensure that you don’t run into any complications that make it harder for you to succeed in this important goal.

    Difficult Important Employees – May Drive Everybody Crazy

    Do you have an employee in your business who tends to be a little rude to others, but who doesn’t cross the line into harassment? Maybe they tend to be short with others, shift work to them, or treat them like stupid. If these are low-level employees, you can always either fire them or give them a stern talking to ensure that they behave and keep the workplace in great shape.

    What happens when this problem employee is somebody important, such as the manager of your office? The HR solutions to this situation are very troubling, indeed. The first and most crucial step is to challenge them when they behave in this way – often, people who act this way are overaged bullies, and they must be challenged and pushed back against to avoid misbehaving in this way.

    If they continue to act this way, it may be time to get them either work alone – if possible – or to talk to those above them about their behavior. The owners or higher-ups likely have no idea that this person is acting in these ways. Often, a bit of a chat with these individuals can provide a “fear of God” into a management bully that scares them straight and keeps them friendly and useful instead of cruel.

    Benefits Packages Issues – May Drive Away Many Potential Employees

    Lastly, you might need HR solutions for benefits package issues within your Cedar Rapids company. What exactly are these issues, and how can they affect you? Put simply, benefits package issues occur when your employees are not satisfied with the benefits that you have to offer them. And this can cause some disgruntlement and morale issues that may cost you some employees.

    For example, they may find two weeks of vacation is not enough and want a whole month. Or they may find that their health insurance is not good enough, either, and demand better payments. Whatever the case, it is often very tricky in this situation because you’re going to have to offer something that satisfies your employees and keeps them happy for years after they get hired by you.

    Make sure, at the same time, that you don’t spend too much money on your packages. Remember – you are trying to run a business, and your bottom line must be managed. That’s the trickiest part of this whole thing – you want to offer your employees something that satisfies them but doesn’t want to blow too much money at the same time. Try to balance your needs and theirs to get the best results.

    Do You Need Help? We are Here for You!

    As you can see, the best HR solutions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are those that can handle a broad range of problems quickly and efficiently. And by working with us, you can address these problems and provide your business with the help that it needs to avoid any complications. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at Gró HR Consulting to learn more. Our experts have years of experience and will do what it takes to ensure that you are satisfied with everything we do.