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02 Dec 2022

Creating Your Program When creating a training and development program, it’s tempting to dive right in and assemble all the necessary application tools, such as training classes, workshops, and timelines. But it’s critical to your employee training program’s future success and longevity to resist that urge and take a step back. Training is at the […]

11 Nov 2022

Why Is Branding Important for a Small Business? A strong brand identity is a small business’s greatest asset because it speaks to the public about what the company stands for and builds brand recognition. Big brands such as Nike and Apple started very small, with just an idea, but are now some of the most […]

04 Nov 2022

What is Small Business HR compliance? Creating and enforcing internal HR Policies protects small businesses financially and promotes a positive and functional work environment for all employees regardless of their position within the company. Small business HR compliance means creating policies that meet regulatory employment laws and guidelines. It is an essential aspect of safeguarding […]

27 Oct 2022

Over 2 billion people shopped online in 2021. That is a 4.4% increase from the previous year! Business owners have experienced this shift in consumer shopping and buying patterns over the last several years. The need for search engine optimization (SEO) is at an all-time high. Regardless of the industry, business size, or product or […]

21 Oct 2022

Many companies believe high salaries are the deciding factor when employees evaluate new job opportunities or promotions. But, a survey by Glassdoor found that 4 out of 5 employees would rather have new or additional benefits than a pay raise. With this being the case, affordable benefits for small businesses are a key differentiator for […]

15 Sep 2022

According to human resource services in Fort Worth It’s easy to make mistakes when finding high-quality talent. Locating the best candidate for the job and your small business’s culture can be challenging, so it’s essential not to make any common recruiting mistakes. The more mistakes that you make, the more difficult the process becomes. At […]

15 Aug 2022

Fort Worth human resources consulting services believe that empathy in the workplace is essential, especially if you run a small business. Empathy in the workplace allows you to connect with your colleagues and clients more meaningfully. Empathy is an often-overlooked soft skill but is essential for influencing the workplace environment. At Gro HR Consulting, we […]

15 Jul 2022

According to a leading Cedar Rapids HR agency, you should interview any employee who is returning to work after an extended period of absence. There are many reasons that an employee might miss work for weeks, or even months, at a time. Illness or parental leave can cause employees to miss a significant amount of […]

14 Jul 2022

In today’s workplace atmosphere, more and more companies are relying on remote work to continue business operations. However, many have found difficulty transferring key interactions with employees and managers from what used to be in person to online/remote interactions. An employee’s onboarding phase is one of the most important during the course of an employee […]

14 Jun 2022

Importance of employee training Training is vital for the growth and success of every organization. It is profitable for both the employers and employees of an organization. If an employee is trained well, he/she will become more competent, prolific, and productive. There are numerous benefits of employee training. Training improves the self-confidence of employees, reduces […]